Hot Toys MMS605D40 Iron Man Collectible Action Figurine 1/6 Iron Man Mark I 30cm


luglio 2023
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Collectible Action Figurine Iron Man of Iron Man Mark I, 1/6 scale Env.30cm. Official product by Hot Toys.In the origin of all previous Iron Man, Mark I has been manually manufactured by Tony Stark from limited resources found in the cave, including scrap pieces and machine parts, in the frame of the plan to escape the terrorists. Bringing the fans at the beginning where everything started, Hot Toys presents a Diecast version of your favorite superhero in its very first generation Iron Man Armor! The Iron Man Mark I Collection Figurine Incredibly detailed 1 / 6 is designed on the basis of the first costume, includes a newly painted sculpted head of Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark; Mark I armor parts made in a die-molded material with real wires and attached cables highlight the complexity of the armor; Several paint layers similar to metal and bronze steel to change the effects of texture and aging; LED lighting functions on the bow reactor and the forearm; high precision motor at the back with a rotary design simulating a motor running; The emblematic flame launcher and effects accessories to recreate film scenes; and a theme diorama basis. The 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark I collection figurine includes: Authentic and detailed resemblance of Iron Man Mark I in Iron Manune (1) Newly painted sculpted head with authentic resemblance of Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Starkenviron 30 cm high heightcores with more than 36 joint points inside Iron Man Mark I armor (Iron Man Mark I and the body of the figurine are inseparable) cleverly designed powered molded armor parts, including helmet, chest, shoulders, thighs, right calf and footparticles of armor: several layers of metal bronze and silver paint Similar to steel on armor with real wires and cables and error-shaped arc alteration effects illuminated by LED on the left chest and forearm (USB operation) very detailed motor on the back of the figure, equipped with a co Nice rotating (USB power supply) simulates a motor running (2) interchangeable-based hands pairs comprising: one (1) pair of relaxed handsAne (1) pair of fistschaque piece of head sculpture is specially painted with mainscuostume: one ( 1) dark brown color t-shirt (1) Farm color trousers (1) Pair of dark brown boots: one (1) flame launcher (implanted on the right arm, not detachable) one (1) launcher of Functional forearm missiles (located on the left arm, not detachable) Accessories: two (2) Flame-launcher accessoriesun (1) Themed diorama figurine stand with remnants of arms and stones (1) base of Raised figurine with the film logo and the rating plate of the product is not a toy or a product for children. It is a collection object for adults only.
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BrandHot Toys
Release date: 2023-07-01

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