Hot Toys CMS09D42 Armorized Warrior Collectible Action Figurine 1/6 Armorized Deadpool [Armorized Warrior Collection] 32cm


maggio 2023
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Collectible Action Figurine Armorized Warrior de Armorized Deadpool, scale 1/6 measures ENV.32cm. Official product by Hot Toys.Reinventing your beloved characters in stylish shielded outfits, Hot Toys presents a new collection Armorized Warrior who explores new dimensional characters by developing very advanced combinations with respect to their look! Designed on the base of the reinvented appearance of deadpool in shielded combination, the very detailed figurine comprises a headed head designed with a LED lighting function; complex design of a very advanced suit in red and black signature with a matte finish and dark silver reflections; Design of the LED lighting function on the eyes, the arc reactor and the hands; A selection of emblematic weapons, including a pair of katanas, pistols that can be combined and transformed into heavy machine gun, saias, dagger and shurikens; several pairs of interchangeable hands; and a figurine holder for the display.The 1/6-scale Armorized Deadpool collection includes: based on the reinvented appearance of Marvel COMICS Deadpool in shielded costume (1) Newly designed headfall with function. LED lighting (white light, batteries) about 32.5 cm heightplus of 30 points of articulants Connecting molded materialsPapration of armor: red and black iconic aerodynamic armor design with a matte finish and reflections Silver Dark LED lightingFunction equipped on the eyes, arc reactor and hands (white light, battery light) eight (8) interchangeable hands comprising: one (1) pair of hands to hold the gun (1) Pair hands to hold the Katana, the ladder (1) pair of repellerser shot hands (white light, batteries) one (1) pair of hands with articulated fingers and light repellers (white light, batteries) joints on the size armor which allow a flexible movement: two (2) katanasseux (2) pistols (can be combined and transformed into heavy machine gun) two (2) short handles with Jambeun sleeves (1) databar (4) Shurikens (non-detachable of the figurine) Accessory: A theme figurine stand with a product character nameplate is not a toy or a children s product. It is a collection object for adults only.
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BrandHot Toys
Release date: 2023-05-01

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