Hot Toys MMS610 Retour vers le Futur (Back to the Future) Collectible Action Figurine 1/6 Doc Brown (Deluxe Version) 30cm


maggio 2023
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Collectible action figurine back to the future of Doc Brown in Deluxe version, scale 1/6 measures env.30cm. Official product by Hot Toys. Must see big in life! Leaving to travel through time driving a car, as much to choose one who has mouth! - Doctor Brownname de Zeus! It s been years that return to the future exploded in theaters and has become a phenomenon of pop culture. Hot Toys is delighted to present Doc Brown as a 1 / 6th scale collection figurine with incredible accessories. He is the inventor of genius behind the Delorean car traveling in time and one of the most memorable film characters of all time! Designed in a masterly manner based on the appearance of Christopher Lloyd in the role of Dr. Emmett Brown in return to the future, the 1/6 scale figurine has a newly painted carved head with incredible resemblance; Finely cut protection combination delivered with pouch and bag to store its equipment; A variety of detailed accessories, including the signature remote control to control the time machine, a climate clipboard, a climate chart, a portable printer, a series of tools that can be found in its Toolkit and a Figurine Support.More Alternatively, this Deluxe version will include a plutonium case and a removable plutonium bottle. The 1/6-scale Doc Brown collection (Deluxe version) includes: sculpted head of Christopher Lloyd in the role of Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to Futurexpression Facial Faithful to a Film With Wrinkle And Skin Texture Detail Cocktreating White Greyish White High DetailedCorps With more than 30 Points of Articulating 30 cm High Store (4) Parts Interchangeable hands comprising: one (1) pair of relaxune hands (1) pair of hands to hold the accessoriesCostume: one (1) Ivérouune long-sleeved shirt (1) Hawaii shirt Valeune color (1) combination of bleaches (1) dark brown belt with toolbag and pocket (1) Pair of orange accessory sneakers: one (1) plutonium box with one (1) Plutonium bottle Amovibbleune (1) Very detailed remote control (1) clipboard with notes with notes (2) WATCHES A (1) Portable printer (can be placed in the pouch) One (1) Chronometrun (1) Stopwatch for Einsteinun (1) Climatic Graphic (1) block- Notes A (1) Patch Package (1) Pelvian Tool Parts (11) Tool Parts (placed in the Toolbag) comprising: Four (4) Screwdriver (2) Pincesleux (2) Key A (1) Poick Lamp (1) Carreun Rule (1) Figurine Stand Tape with Film Logo and Personagece s Nameplate Product is not a toy or a children s product. It is a collection object for adults only.
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BrandHot Toys
Release date: 2023-05-01

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