Hot Toys MMS616 Retour vers le Futur Part III (Back to the Future Part III) Collectible Action Figurine 1/6 Marty McFly 28cm


maggio 2023
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Collectible Action Figurine Back to the future part III of Marty McFly, scale 1/6 measures env.28cm. Official product by Hot Toys.en 1955, Marty McFly learns the death of his eccentric scientific friend Doc Brown in 1885 and must travel over time to save him. In the absence of fuel available for the Delorean, the two heroes must find a way to escape from the FAR West before Emmett is murdered. The incredibly detailed collection figurine is designed on the basis of the appearance of Michael. J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly in return to the future III, with a sculpted head and a newly developed cowboy hat with an incredible resemblance, a suit, a brown-patterned poncho, a cowboy scarf, a cowboy scarf, A range of weapons and accessories comprising a pistol, a bulletproof hob, a pie dish, a framed photo of Doc Brown, a photo of the Tomb of Doc, a communicator with battery, a hoverboard and a Stand for Figurine! The 1/6 scale Marty McFly collection figurine includes: sculpted head with an authentic and detailed resemblance of Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly in return to the future facial] Facial expression faithful to the film with a skin texture Highly detailed brown short haircut with cowboy hat (non-detachable) body with more than 30 points of articulating 28.5 cm highhight (8) Interchangeable hands including: one (1) pair of fistsa (1) pair of hands Relaxune (1) Pair of hand to hold the accessoriesAne (1) Hand right to hold the pistoletun (1) Straight hand gestureCostume: one (1) dark brown brown poncho with patterns (with magnetic function) One (1) blazer brown-colored patterns (1) light gray color striped shirt (1) Ivrean color sub-shirt (1) Brown-colored trousers (1) Brown belt with bullets and a pistoletune case (1) Pair of BRONONA BOOTS (1) Blue Cowboy Scarfarme: One (1) PistoTaccessories: One (1) Ball Cooktop Plate with Sofle (1) Tartune Flat (1) Photo Framese (1) Picture of Pierre Tombaleun (1) Communicator with Batterieun (1) HoverboardA Figurine stand with logo D U Film and the nameplate of the product personagece is not a toy or a product for children. It is a collection object for adults only.
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BrandHot Toys
Release date: 2023-05-01

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