Evangelion 4.0 Plastic Model Kit 1/400 Evangelion Kai Unit 08 Gamma 20 cm

luglio 2021
ETA: FINE 07/2021
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EVANGELION KAI Unit 08 GAMMA that appeared in "EVANGELION: 3.0 +1.0 Thrice Upon A Time" will now be available as a 1/400 scale plastic model kit! This model kit features a precise joint design with the use of CAD technology and a sophisticated form created by the hands of highly-skilled sculptors to create an all-new Evangelion model kit. This is a multi-colored kit with some parts pre-painted, allowing you to recreate EVANGELION KAI Unit 08 GAMMA just by assembling. Product Specifications: - The interlocked cylinder parts on the shoulders and elbows adjust with the joints. - Movable Entry Plug: Recreated by exchanging the movable rear block. - Option to attach the separately sold MB-48 New Flying Base in order to recreate action poses shown in-film. Included Items: - Two types of large armaments are included. - Replacement parts for the rear with 3mm connecting joints - Armament Retention Support Joint - Non-Moving Fixed Wrist Joints (Left and Right) x2 Included Wrists: - Closed (Left and Right), Open (Left and Right), Grabbing (Left and Right), Weapon Holding ? (Left and Right), and Weapon Holding ? (Left and Right) are included. - Recreate scenes from the film with a wide variety of wrist parts.
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BrandKaiyodo Revoltech
Release date: 2021-07-31

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