About Us

About Us

Crazy4Japan was born from the shared passion for collecting of a group of friends who decided to combine skills and experience in the field of Japanese modeling. It is precisely this passion that prompted us to start this new adventure: to open an e-commerce of collectibles items. Like most children who grew up in the 80s and 90s, we too have watched and loved the Japanese cartoons that filled the afternoons of the television channels, we played videogames, just as we pretended to relive the actions of our superheroes playing with friends.

However, unlike many of our peers, those who were once pastimes and childhood amusements were not only left a nostalgic memory, but with the passage of time they have turned into a real passion that has prompted us to become collectors and true lovers of Japanese modeling.The desire to remember your childhood, the carefree and the joy of afternoons spent playing with friends ... a world that is now so far away, but that can live again by buying and collecting our model objects The direct experience in the sector as long-time collectors has allowed us to know and distinguish the characteristics of a high quality product and this is why we decided to put our knowledge at your service, relying on serious producers and offering only Japanese model items of undoubted quality.

Our goal is not only to relate to collectors and lovers of the sector, but we would like to make this world known also to those who, like us, were children in the 80s - 90s and he wants to revive a part of himself and his childhood to his children through these objects that will never cease to thrill entire generations.

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