Hot Toys DS003 Iron Man Mark III Collectible Figurine 1/6 Construction Version 39cm *Réédition*


dicembre 2022
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Collectible Figurine Iron Man of Iron Man Mark III Construction Version, scale 1/6 measures ENV.39cm. Official product by Hot Toys.In the first movie Iron Man, Tony Stark repairs the Iron Man Mark III hanging on the ceiling with cables and wires connected to the high-tech armor while working in his workshop. The object of Collection is meticulously designed on the basis of Iron Man Mark III in the first Iron Man movie. Measures about 39 cm high, it has a detailed sculpture with wires, cables, a computer card and very detailed channels that connect to the armor; Design of LED lighting functions on the eyes, the arc reactor and the forearm; metal color painting on armor; Removable armor parts and specially designed diorama display.The 1/6 scale collection Mark III includes: Authentic and detailed resemblance of Iron Man Mark III in Iron Manenviron 39 cm of heightparcarities of Armor: gold, red and metallic silver color painting masterfully applied to LED illuminated armor, circular arc reactor on the chest, waist and forearm left (white light, battery) LED lights Can shine through the forearms (blue light, batteries) wires, cables, computer card and very detailed chains connected to the armor and scene of the figurine (1) Chest plate amoviblue (1) armor From the lower torso Amovibbleun (1) Battery case as a diorame base accessory includes the movie logo with ceiling LED lighting functions (white light, battery light) This product is not a toy or a children s product. It is a collection object for adults only.
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BrandHot Toys
Release date: 2022-12-01

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